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Waste Water Treatment
and Technical Services

Anaerobic Digestion Optimisation,
Operations and Maintenance

Digestate Treatment Services

Biology Services

Operation Management & Servicing Consultancy for AD & Water

We’re Birch Solutions, the biogas industry’s leading provider of servicing, maintenance, consultancy and expertise.

With a wide variety of solutions, we work on a project, contract or ad-hoc basis, along with offering unique cost-efficient subscription models for a more productive plant. From ongoing, project and ad-hoc servicing and maintenance to outsourced plant management and system expansion solutions, we’re experts when it comes to anaerobic digestion and waste water solutions.

Keep Your Plant Running at Optimum Capacity

We work with businesses from every industry, from anaerobic digestion plants to water utility businesses to breweries to food processing sites and factories to paper mills and more. From anaerobic digestion optimisation and operations to waste water technical services and maintenance to liquid digestate treatment services and our expert biological support, we’re committed to maximising your revenue and reducing your input costs.

Rubber and Elastomers

Waste Water Technical Services, Operations and Maintenance

When it comes to providing dewatering services and treatment for water, waste water and biosolid systems, we’re unique, with state-of-the-art equipment and our fully trained expert team.

Moisture Control

Liquid Digestate Treatment Services

Our liquid digestate treatment services are fast and effective, with trained operators and completely HACCP-compliant service.

Plastics and Polymers

Anaerobic Digestion Optimisation, Operations and Maintenance

We provide more than routine and emergency maintenance - we also deliver industry-leading refurbishment and system expansion solutions, with advice from our expert engineers on every aspect of your AD plant.

Adhesives and Coatings

Biology Services

We target a 95%+ output on every plant we support, with expert tailored biological analysis and servicing in collaboration with the UK’s leading independent provider of agricultural analysis.

Multiple Services for Multiple Sectors

Our Work Throughout Consultancy, Implementation, Support and Results


Waste Water Technical Services, Operations and Maintenance


Lime Dosing & Biosolids Treatment



AD Operations and Maintenance





AD Plant Optimisation


Maximise Revenue and Profitability from Your AD Plant



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