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Wednesday November 4 2020

£45,000 in revenue saved for Limelight Energy Ltd and Earth Capital with emergency weekend repairs

At a glance

  • Swift response
  • Minimal downtime, saving our client time and money
  • Expert diagnosis leading to quick repair time
  • Revenue savings of approximately £45,000
  • An eight-day turnaround for a three week job

When Limelight Energy originally contacted us with a critical issue causing their plant’s engine output to drop, they anticipated the repairs might take approximately three weeks, causing a projected £45,000 loss of revenue. Within eight days, our expert team diagnosed and solved the problem.

Upon receiving the call, we responded immediately, sending one of our accredited engineers to the site on the same day. An inspection revealed that the lobe on the camshaft had severely worn away, necessitating a replacement. The inspection also found that severe damage had worn the face of the tappet, which also needed replacement.

“Our engineers endeavour to perform on-site repairs and replacements wherever possible, but the scale of this repair meant it was necessary to remove the engine and take it back to our headquarters, where our team could repair it in full,” says Mark Sacker, Managing Director for Birch Solutions. “This meant that speed was essential to both us and our client.”

For anaerobic digestion plants, time truly is money, and throughout our relationship with Limelight Energy this has always been something we have understood. Though the repairs needed were significant and could have taken up to three weeks to complete, our team worked throughout the weekend to ensure the repairs were swift and plant downtime was minimal. The engine was installed, recommissioned and producing power again by Wednesday of the following week, having been turned around in just eight days.

When working with a maintenance and servicing provider, clients are looking for experts who are able to accurately diagnose and solve issues quickly and reliably. The speed of diagnosis from our engineers saved our client valuable time and money, with a friendly and non-judgmental approach that has ensured that our ongoing working relationship is a positive one.

In the past the availability of the plant was averaging an unsatisfactory 75%, but through the commitment, dedication and innovation of Limelight Energy’s own team working hand-in-hand with our experts, we’ve been able to achieve a 90% availability together – and quick, cost-efficient repairs such as this one are an essential part of the reason why.