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AD Biogas CHP

Birch Solutions provide a variety of maintenance and services to the biogas industry, including the digester, mixers, membranes and gas-utilising equipment such as CHPs – including contracted support, overhauls, upgrades and replacements.

That’s why customers trust our unique expertise in the anaerobic digestion market. Our support is nationwide with customers’ assets installed primarily within the agricultural and commercial AD sectors.

Birch Solutions work in the wastewater treatment sector, historically supplying lime dosing technologies under our parent company Singleton Birch (registered on the Achilles Utilities Vendor Database.

As we have the capabilities to support both AD plant and power-generation / CHP equipment, it makes sense to work with a single trusted service & maintenance partner. We have a full team that coordinates a variety of tasks during shutdowns – whether planned or unplanned – offering the highest level of customer care throughout the process.

What We Do

Routine and preventative maintenance (PPM)

Overhauls and rebuilds

Repairs and equipment replacement

Emergency call out

Long term service agreements

Controls unlocking

Co working

Our Support

We focus on providing cost effective service and maintenance solutions for all our customers.

Call or contact us to start the discussions on how we can work with you to support your CHP assets.

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