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Optimise Your AD Plant for Increased Revenue

Increase Your Output While You Decrease Your Input

Get more from your AD plant, with expert managed consultancy, servicing and maintenance.

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Typical AD Plant Problems We Encounter

We use a powerful combination of analysis, tailored upgrades and bespoke servicing plans to maximise your plant output, whether your plant produces heat, gas or electricity to the grid.

Our AD plant optimisation is completely unique. We target 95% output for every AD plant we service – and with our innovative performance-based subscription model, we don’t begin charging until your plant has reached 70% output or more, letting you focus on making your plant the best it can be.

Every AD plant is different, which is why our service always begins with a site visit to measure your current output. Our experienced team will analyse your plant, finding any issues, risks and opportunities. These can range from large-scale projects and necessary upgrades to small maintenance fixes, such as pumps running incorrectly. Once we’ve completed our analysis, we create a complete plan detailing the changes we’ll make and why, keeping you completely in the loop.


Our Support

No matter what issues found during our site visits, we always follow up with a comprehensive maintenance plan, which can be carried out by your own team or by ours, along with an easy-to-use data recording procedure that makes it simple for you to stay on track of your plant’s ongoing effectiveness.

We focus on finding the optimum ways to maximise your revenue, whether that’s by making changes to increase your plant’s capacity, fixing problems that are stopping your plant from reaching its full potential, or by forming a plan to reduce your input costs while maintaining output. With the help of our expert team, we make the changes your plant needs for quick, effective and long-lasting success. And thanks to our unique performance-based flexible finance, we charge based on how well your plant is performing – with no fees if your plant is operating below 70% capacity.

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