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Thursday December 10 2020

AD Winter Service

Is your AD plant prepared for the winter?

Winter is upon us, and as the weather gets colder, the risk to anaerobic digestion plants around the country grows.

Winter is the riskiest time of the year for AD plants, thanks to a host of issues caused by the cold weather, including breakdowns and damage.

When on-site glycol systems aren’t filled to the correct percentage, the water inside freezesand expands, causing damage to equipment – including heating circuits, under and over-pressure devices, and refrigeration circuits. This can lead to costly repairs and unplanned
downtime, along with a loss in productivity.

With the high amount of moisture and damp in the air during the winter months, condensation also frequently builds up within gearboxes and other mechanical equipment, causing problems to the system if not checked and eliminated frequently. However, with limited daylight making checks harder for plant owners to perform, these issues are often missed during the winter months.

For AD plants, time truly is money – and the longer repairs take, the more money plant owners lose. That’s why prevention is better than cure – and it’s why we’re offering a unique winter service to ensure those breakdowns and damages don’t happen. Our engineers are experts at providing preventative on-site routine maintenance for AD plants, making sure that common – and uncommon – winter problems are discovered and fixed before they cause damage or downtime.

Get in touch now to book your winter service, and keep your plant productive through the winter.