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Friday February 9 2024

Birch Solutions aiming to become number one AD plant parts supplier in UK

Anaerobic digestion specialist Birch Solutions has unveiled bold ambitions to become the biggest parts supplier to the industry in the UK and has invested by doubling the size of its warehouse, after securing a swathe of new strategic deals with international manufacturers. Birch Solutions, based in Melton Ross, Lincolnshire, is known as one of the […]

Tuesday August 22 2023

PRESS RELEASE: Birch Solutions secures major new strategic partnership with international CHP leader

Anaerobic digestion specialist Birch Solutions has agreed a major new strategic partnership to bring innovative combined heat and power technology and services to the UK. Under the new sales and service partner agreement with 2G, Birch Solutions are able to offer the company’s full product portfolio to CHP operators across the UK. The agreement also […]

Wednesday August 2 2023

What are the disadvantages of biogas?

We’ve written previously about the advantages of biogas but, it’s also important to consider if there are any disadvantages. Biogas is growing in popularity as it’s an environmentally friendly source of fuel, heat and power and can also help to tackle waste. Biogas does have a wide range of advantages but, in this blog, we’ll […]

Wednesday August 2 2023

What is Biomethane?

Biomethane is seen as one of the most important renewable gases of the future and, for many, is seen as one of the key elements for providing energy security to nations while also playing a role in tackling the energy crisis. While biomethane isn’t a new technology, it has seen a rapid rise in popularity […]

Wednesday August 2 2023

The future of biogas – is it the answer to the energy crisis?

The ongoing war in Ukraine has sparked a continent-wide energy crisis that has cast the spotlight on our dependence on imported gas – particularly from Russia – and the need for greater security in energy supply. The crisis has been the driving force behind a major cost of living crisis and, crucially, many fear it […]

Tuesday May 30 2023

AD (Anaerobic Digestion) plant map – how to make the most of each stage of the anaerobic digestion process

Anaerobic digestion is renewable energy source that is growing in popularity as it deals with waste and creates and reliable source of heat and power for our businesses and homes. Plus, the leftover digestate from an AD plant can then be used as a nutrient-rich fertiliser for our fields, helping to preserve food security for […]

Thursday March 16 2023

Field Service Engineer

Birch Solutions, part of the Singleton Birch Group of companies, is seeking a Field Service Engineer to join our growing team in North Lincolnshire. This is a key role within the business and the successful candidate will be responsible for operating, maintaining and repairing a variety of CHP equipment to the manufacturer’s specifications. You will […]

Monday February 27 2023

Anaerobic digestion – biology and benefits

With a degree in Biomedical Science, Birch Solutions’ senior biologist Danielle Stead works to enhance and improve the performance of anaerobic digester plants across the UK with a range of laboratory and consultancy services that keep the complex biological processes optimised. In this blog she looks at the anaerobic biological process itself and the key […]

Thursday January 19 2023

What are the advantages of biogas?

The production of biogas using anaerobic digesters is becoming increasingly important across the world, with many nations making sweeping commitments to rapidly scale-up biogas production. Much of this is being driven by the need to deliver energy security and cut the need for imports from foreign nations. This has been thrown into the spotlight following […]

Tuesday September 27 2022

New Holland methane tractor – the future of alternative fuels for farmers?

Global tractor manufacturer New Holland Agriculture has launched a new methane-powered 180hp tractor and predicts that there will be a big rise in anaerobic digester plants on farms across the UK as farmers become the fuel producers of the future. In a guest blog for Birch Solutions, David Redman, Tractor Product Specialist at New Holland […]