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Biogas Plant Optimisation, Service & Maintenance

We provide a full range of services to biogas plant operators for the optimisation, servicing and maintenance of their plants. We understand that every biogas plant is different and as such we always provide a tailored solution for customers to provide the most cost effective service and solutions.

We combine industry-leading consultancy, sampling, detailed analysis and reports with bespoke servicing plans and rapid emergency response to optimise your plant output, whether your plant produces heat, electricity or biomethane.

From troubleshooting through to full–service operations Birch Solutions combines the efforts of our highly experienced team of biologists, process engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers and project managers to ensure our clients get the very best outcomes possible for any particular issue.

What We Do

Equipment & pipe repairs

Routine equipment checks & maintenance

Safety checks & equipment commissioning

Gas system inspections

Mixer replacement

Process & operations reviews

Digester de-grits

CHP & G2G maintenance

Control system upgrades

Equipment replacement & swaps

Our Support

We focus on finding the optimum ways to maximise your revenue, whether that’s by making changes to increase your plant’s capacity, fixing problems that are stopping your plant from reaching its full potential, or by forming a plan to reduce your input costs while maintaining output. With the help of our expert team, we make the changes your plant needs for quick, effective and long-lasting success. Depending on your requirements we can also consider flexible performance based payment options with pain / gain sharing or no fees under a given threshold. Call or message us to start the discussions on how we can work with you to improve your Biogas plant performance.

Get started with Birch Solutions

Whether you want to get started or need more info. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.