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Biogas Upgrading Systems

Birch Solutions has partnered with Bright to offer customers a complete biogas upgrading solution for new AD plants or repowering of existing plants.

As a developer and operator of biogas plants in the UK, Birch Solutions along with Bright who are a proven industry leading biogas upgrading technology provider with their PurePac biogas upgrading systems, are ideally placed to provide customers with all their requirements for biogas upgrading and CO2 recovery.

Brights’s proven and industry-leading biogas upgrading technologies guarantee a profitable and highly efficient solutions.

This experience along with the collaboration with Birch Solutions means that we are the ideal partner for customers seeking to make a new investment in biogas upgrading technology.

We will support on feasibility, planning and permitting, procurement and contractor integration.

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PurePac biogas upgrading system

CO2 Liquefaction

Virtual pipeline solutions

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Turnkey Projects

Birch Solutions and Bright are very well placed to bring to the UK market a combination of proven design and technology with a locally managed delivery to ensure we provide to our customers cost effective and robust biogas upgrading plants that meet their business needs.

Get in touch to start the discussions on how we can work with you to deliver your biogas upgrading project.

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