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Bioresources Services, Operations and Maintenance

Birch Solutions provide our bioresources customers with bespoke servicing plans and rapid emergency response to optimise plant operations and maintenance of service levels for all of their digestion and biogas utilisation assets.

We provide a full range of services to municipal biogas plant operators and asset managers for the optimisation, servicing and maintenance of their plants.
From troubleshooting through to full–service operations Birch Solutions provides highly trained and experienced staff to support and manage digestion assets, gas utilisation and safety equipment.

What We Do

Equipment maintenance

Instrumentation calibration

Lime plant maintenance and troubleshooting

Digester and tank cleaning and refurbishment

Safety inspections

Equipment and pipe repairs and installation

Emergency response

Equipment replacement and swap outs

CHP maintenance and overhauls

Bio-dome replacement

Our Support

We focus on providing cost effective operations and maintenance solutions for our municipal customers.
Call or message us to start the discussions on how we can work with you to support your biogas assets.

Get started with Birch Solutions

Whether you want to get started or need more info. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.