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Enhance your AD plant’s performance with a bespoke combination of managed service and expert analysis.

Digester biology is one of the most overlooked parts of the anaerobic digestion process, but when ignored it can be one of the largest causes of poor performance and costly downtime.

Birch BioLab provides tailored biological analysis for AD plants, provided with the support of our partner, UK’s premier provider of agriculture analytical services, LiveLab.

What to Expect from Birch BioLab

Competitively priced analysis, with rapid turnaround, Birch Biolab incorporates a wide range of analytical services and performance enhancing products to suit all budgets

24/7 consultancy and reactive support

Feedstock analysis and evaluation

Process stability reviews

Feed plan development

Disaster recovery support

Commissioning/ Recommissioning support

Our Typical Analysis…

Digester Analysis

Identify and monitor your plant’s key performance and stability parameters to build a trend of plant health.

Test Parameters

ph, Electrical Conductivity, Volatile Organic Acids, Total Inorganic Carbon, VOA/TIC, NH4-N, Dry Matter and Organic Dry Matter

Feedstock Analysis

Predict the gas yield of input materials and help evaluate the most cost effective feeds for AD plant.

Test Parameters

pH, Dry Matter, Organic Dry Matter and predicted Biogas Yield

Volatile fatty acid speciation

Identify and eliminate potential issues with a complete evaluation of your digester’s acid profile.

Test Parameters

Acetic, Propionic, Butyric, 2-BA, Valeric and 2-VA

Trace elements testing

Boost performance by making sure your digester is not deficient in valuable micronutrients.

Test Parameters

Cobalt, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Molybdenum, Nickel, Selenium, Sulphur and Zinc

Other Analysis Available…

Complete digestate fertiliser analysis

BMP testing for feed stocks and by-products

Feed stock specific analysis including inhibitory factors, PTE’s etc.


Trace Elements Testing

A deficiency in micronutrients is a common cause of underperformance in anaerobic digestion plants.

Trace elements are essential for maintaining cellular function, enzyme complexes, growth and much more, which is why we offer regular trace elements testing, with supplementation of these micronutrients to enhance your plant’s biological activity and improve gas yields.

Birch BioLab offers a range of trace elements that can be delivered directly to your plant, while our experts are available with advice on the correct product and dosage to meet your plant’s requirements.

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