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Birch Biolab Biological Services

Biological Service Consultancy from Birch Biolab and LiveLab. Enhance Your AD Plant Performance With Managed Service and Expert Analysis.

Introducing a New Biological Service Alliance Between Birch Biolab and LiveLab

Maximise your anaerobic digestion plant’s performance, increase your revenue, and monitor your results.

We’ve joined forces with LiveLab, the UK's leading provider of agriculture analytical services, to deliver an innovative new biological service alliance designed for better results.

Predict and manage spikes in your plant's biological performance with LiveLab’s sophisticated analysis, and view your AD plant's performance and history at any time, with 24/7 access to LiveLab's online portal.


Optimise Your AD Plant

Get the most out of your AD plant with industry-leading managed service and maintenance by Birch Biolab.

We target 95% output for every AD plant we service, with expert consultancy, upgrades and regular servicing. And along with our regular servicing and maintenance, we offer 24-hour breakdown support from our team of expert engineers.

And with integrated analysis from LiveLab, we’re able to tailor our regular servicing to make the most of your AD plant’s performance for better output, more revenue and increased efficiency.

Get started with Birch Solutions

Whether you want to get started or need more info. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.