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Case Study - Mixer Replacement

Plant Type
PGC and Vegetable Waste Biogas plant
Autumn 2020
Reason for activity:

The customer was experiencing issues with insufficient mixing on their plant, resulting in poor and fluctuating gas production, and unpredictable performance.

How we helped:

Birch Solutions were able to rapidly identify the issues and develop a resolution plant which involved the replacement of the two paddle mixers on the 3,500m digester using parts held in stock by Birch Solutions.

Elements of the work included:
  • Partial removal of the double membrane bio-dome and eco net
  • Recovery of grounded submersible mixers
  • Installation of replacement of submersible mixers
  • Inspection of eco-net and all visible panels and instrumentation
  • Re-installation of double membrane bio-dome and eco net
  • Start up and re-commissioning support