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Case Study - Paddle Mixer Overhaul

Plant Type
Biogas Plant
Spring 2020
Reason for activity:

Paddle mixer collapsed, and failed gearbox.

How we helped:

Birch Solutions was able to rapidly develop a response plan for this important client and deploy it on-site within 5 days of the issue materialising. In conjunction with the paddle mixer replacement, the tank was also degritted with a Libra Agrotwist to optimise the downtime incurred by the forced repair on the 3,500m3 digester.

Elements of the work included:
  • Development of project plan and associated project and safety documentation
  • Safe de-commissioning for the digester prior to starting work
  • Peel back of the roof
  • Deployment of the mobile long reach hydraulic mixer and pump system
  • Contract lift of mixer
  • Replacement of paddles, internal bearing, gearbox and shaft
  • Reinstatement of the bio-dome
  • Start up and re-commissioning support
Continued support provided:
  • Plant optimisation
  • Biological support
  • Service and maintenance