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Case Study - Lime Dosing During AD Overhaul

Client: Yorkshire Water

Plant Type
Municipal STC
2019 / 2020
Reason for activity:

Our client needed a temporary solution for the dosing of powder lime to digested sludge prior to dewatering to raise pH for BAS compliance whilst upgrades to the existing digestion plant were being put in place. The system needed to be capable of coping with significant peaks in production and dose powder lime rather than liquid lime for cost considerations.

How we helped:

We provided a powder lime silo, macerator, sludge pump and mixing tank capable of high output to directly mix powder lime with sludge on a constant batch process.

Elements of the work included:
  • Design of a robust system capable of dealing with all the operational variances that occur during this type of situation.
  • Installation of the system
  • Support from our engineers to ensure success despite the sewage work overhaul
  • Ongoing maintenance support to maximise availability
Continued support provided:
  • A system generating a BAS and HACCP compliant product
  • An odour-free product, thanks to the system’s unique ammonia capture
  • A robust system able to cope with high output during peak season