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Company updates plus news and views from the biogas industry.

Friday December 3 2021

Agricultural Biogas Plants – A Good Investment for Farmers?

Anaerobic digester (AD) plants have long been thought a good investment for farmers. Historically, they produced electricity and heat that can be used to power other farm enterprises, thereby significantly cutting expenditure on energy bills, or be sold to the national grid to raise revenue, producing a return on investment. Not only this, but they […]

Wednesday November 24 2021

The History of Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas

Early pioneers Many people think anaerobic digestion is relatively new technology that has come to the fore as an environmentally friendly way to treat organic waste and produce renewable gas and electricity. But this isn’t the case at all. In fact, anaerobic digestion has a long history possibly stretching back as far as the 10th […]

Thursday September 9 2021

Biogas Feedstock & Anaerobic Digestor Raw Materials Explored

Anaerobic digesters convent organic material into biogas, which can then be used to generate heat and electricity or upgraded to make biomethane. The organic material used in the AD plant is called the feedstock and this comes in a variety of forms and from a variety of sources. In this article, we look at the […]

Thursday September 9 2021

How Biogas is Produced – Anaerobic Digestion Explained

Biogas has become an integral part of the UK’s energy mix over the past few years, generating localised heat and electricity that reduces our reliance on less sustainable forms of power and feeding environmentally friendly electricity directly into the grid. It also forms the basis of biomethane, a green gas with similar properties to natural […]

Thursday July 29 2021

Biogas Grants, Subsidies & Feed-in Tariff Rates Explained

The information contained within this article is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice. The article is not a recommendation to use any particular investment strategy. Before making any investment, you should carry out your own independent research and seek specialist, professional advice. Accuracy of the information cannot be guaranteed. […]

Friday July 9 2021

How Much does it Cost to Build a Biogas Plant?

Biogas plants vary significantly in cost depending on scale and the feedstocks they utilise. Small scale farm-based plants utilising manure and supplemented with purpose grown crops, and producing modest quantities of biogas tend to be relatively inexpensive. At the other end of the scale are large, commercial biogas plants utilising a variety of feedstocks such […]

Friday April 23 2021

Double Membrane Replacement

Customer came to Birch Solutions for a quick resolution for a split to the inner gas membrane on one of their secondary digesters.

Friday April 23 2021

Mixer Replacement

The customer was experiencing issues with insufficient mixing on their plant, resulting in poor and fluctuating gas production, and unpredictable performance.

Thursday April 22 2021

Mixer Retrieval and Replacement

Birch Solutions were able to rapidly respond to the issue to install parts provided by the customer for their 3,500m digester.

Wednesday January 13 2021

New Appointments As Company Goes From Strength To Strength

In order to accelerate our strategy for 2021 and continue to strengthen our position in both the AD and Water Utilities industries, Birch Solutions have announced several new key appointments.