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CHP and Biomethane Upgrader Maintenance

Birch Solutions have a fully trained team of CHP and Gas upgrade engineers available to provide a wide range of support services for your biogas utilisation system.

Darren Haddock
Service Engineer

At Birch Solutions we have a team of engineers that are available to undertake all types of maintenance that could be required for your CHP unit from regular servicing through to major rebuilds and CHP swap outs. Additionally the team are highly experience in the operation and maintenance of biomethane upgrade and network entry units.

What We Do

Routine and preventative maintenance

Overhauls and rebuilds

Equipment replacement

Emergency call out

Long term service agreements

Disaster recovery

Our Support

Our team can support biogas operators on all of their biogas utilisation equipment including flares, boilers, CHP’s, biomethane upgrade equipment and NEU’s.
Call or message us to start the discussions on how we can help maintain and improve the performance of your gas utlitsation systems.

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