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From mobile dewatering services for quicker, easier treatment to technical advice and support, we’re here to help with all your dewatering needs.

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Dewatering Services for Every Sector

When it comes to providing dewatering services and treatment of your waste water, treatment sludges, biosolids and liquid digestate, we’re unique. We work with businesses from every industry, from water utility businesses to breweries to food processing sites and factories to paper mills to aerobic and anaerobic digestion and more. Onsite dewatering minimises the need for off site transportation of sludge and reduces overall waste management costs.

We offer a range of mobile dewatering options for dealing with waste water sludges, liquid digestate, lagoon settlement and filter bed waste. Using mobile centrifuge plants; including macerators, or filter presses will result in a substantial volume reduction of sludge, with solid content ranging from 10% to 25% or higher in some cases. We’re determined to make it easier, faster and more cost-efficient to make the most out of your waste materials, dispose of liquid safely and environmentally responsibly and repurpose your sludge for more revenue.

Our self-contained centrifuge dewatering units are completely HACCP-compliant, can process up to 60m3 of liquid sludge per hour, and can be easily combined with other equipment for pH lime treatment. Coming with both bolt-on turn key pre-lime or post-lime treatment systems and our highly experienced operators, each unit is easily and quickly deployed for both emergency and planned operations.


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