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Wednesday November 4 2020

Driving down input costs maximises AD plant’s profitability

At a glance…

  • Input costs reduced without sacrificing high output
  • Large-scale projects and upgrades
  • Feedstocks optimised to generate the same output with less feed
  • Downtime minimised, with our fast and reactive response

When Buddleford approached us, they were looking for an experienced anaerobic digestion expert to support them with maintenance and after-sales service within the UK.

Part of the enquiry involved a large-scale project to strip the stainless steel on their plant – but it was crucial that this project was completed quickly and efficiently, as every hour of downtime meant lost revenue for our client. Because of the plant’s unusual build and design, finding a maintenance and upgrade supplier with the expertise and experience to complete the project had been a difficult search for our client – until we stepped in.

We’re sensitive to the fact that for anaerobic digestion plants, time truly is money. That’s why we make the most of our expertise to come up with quick solutions and upgrades, without sacrificing an effective, high-quality result. Once we had completed the necessary tank rebuild for our client, we were asked to remain in service, providing our industry-leading biological service to optimise the plant’s feedstocks.

Although it is a high-performing site, with an average 95% output, we saw an opportunity for our client to maximise revenue by reducing input cost with optimised feedstocks. 

By optimising the feedstocks, we were able to maintain the client’s 95% output – but revenue was increased due to significantly lower input costs, effectively increasing the value of our client’s 95%.