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Food Waste

Support, Advice and Consultancy

We provide expert support and advice to the food manufacturing industry, with industry-leading disposal, recycling and management for food waste.

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How We Support the Sector

Over 10 million tonnes of food and drink waste is produced each year in the UK, and businesses and organisations disposing of food waste must follow strict Duty of Care guidelines.

When commercial food manufacturing activities create waste, that waste needs to be disposed of according to government guidelines and standards. We’re the experts on making sure your food manufacturing waste is disposed of, recycled, and even repurposed responsibly, efficiently and quickly.

Food waste is a fluid and constantly changing market where output varies from season to season – but our experienced team are able to offer the expertise in plant biology, feedstock and general management to make sure that no matter how much your output fluctuates, your plant is fully optimised for maximum revenue.


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