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Landfill Gas

Our extensive experience within the biogas industry means that we can perform services for all biogas applications, irrespective of the source, as operators look to optimize assets and performance from declining gas yields and limited quality – even supplementing the fuel with LPG or other gases to utilize the maximum grid connection, and moving generating sets between sites.

A reduction in new landfill gas-derived plants has been seen over the last ten years or so, however existing equipment still requires maintaining to minimize release of this greenhouse gas to atmosphere. We can offer services in this industry from routine service & maintenance to overhauling and replacement of units.

What We Do

Routine and preventative maintenance

Overhauls and rebuilds

Equipment replacement

Emergency call out

Long term service agreements

Disaster recovery

Our Support

We focus on providing cost effective operations and maintenance solutions for our municipal customers.

Call or contact us to start the discussions on how we can work with you to support your CHP assets.

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