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Dry Lime Dosing and Biosolids Treatment

We provide either mobile batch liming services or bespoke in line dry lime application systems for the stabilisation of biosolids.

Each lime stabilisation unit is a fully adaptable system utilising automatic weighing features for accurate dosing levels throughout the process, making treatment quick, simple and completely compliant. We offer in-line macerators and pumps with pre-mixing to aid mixing efficiency and product quality. Once sanitised our treated biosolids meets all HACCP and BAS standards, and deliver fast-acting, efficient pH treatment. Built for flexibility, each system can be adapted for your individual requirements, with everything needed to treat industrial, agricultural or municipal sludge.

What We Do

Digested sludge lime treatment

Biosolids treatment and stabilisation

Pre-centrifuge dry liming

Lime stabilization of industrial sludges

Our Support

We provide a range of equipment and solutions for the application of powder lime to municipal sludge from inline systems for continuous application to bulk batch treatment post dewatering. Call or message us to start the discussions on how we can work with you to improve your Biogas plant performance.

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