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Liquid Digestate Treatment Services

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Create your own biofertiliser with our complete liquid digestate treatment services.

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Liquid Digestate Treatment

Digestate is rich in nitrogen, potash, phosphate and a variety of other trace nutrients that make it an unbeatable biofertiliser – and thanks to our liquid digestate treatment, we can create your own biofertiliser from whole or separated liquid digestate could not be easier.

We provide complete liquid digestate treatment and sediment removal services to the waste water and anaerobic digestion industries for faster, more compliant product.

With our dewatering process producing solid content ranging from 15% to 30%, we can also provide solutions to nitrogen & potassium removal for a final clean centrate suitable for discharge or reuse in.


Mobile Dewatering

Our mobile dewatering units are able to process up to 60m3 of liquid sludge per hour, and can be combined with other equipment for easy pH lime treatment. 

Each unit comes with one of our fully trained operators, and can be rapidly deployed anywhere in the UK. Along with our digestate treatment, we ensure you’re confident you’re meeting all HACCP and Biofertiliser Certification Scheme (BCS) standards, thanks to our complete analysis – along with full nutrient breakdown – of the centrate and solid content through our industry-leading BioLab scheme. 

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