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Liquid Lime Treatment Solutions

We offer industry-leading all-inclusive solutions for liquid lime storage and dosing for pH correction, sanitisation and stabilisation, with rapid deployment anywhere in the UK. Our solutions are diverse, from product-only to full lime dosing and treatment equipment delivered and commissioned by our highly skilled operators. We also offer troubleshooting and issue resolution for all types of lime dosing systems.

Richard Laverick
Lead Field Service Engineer

The development of our liquid lime dosing equipment is the product of many years experience in the sector. Our systems are robust and the specifications and design ensure the systems meet all HACCP and Biosolids Assurance Scheme (BAS) standards. Compatible with both waste water and fresh water, our liquid lime dosing solutions are designed for robust operation and efficiency.

With lift and go deployment, automatic water flushing for pipework and an automatic on-site dilution system for bespoke lime connections, our liquid lime system comes with a 35m3 Aqualime tank with dosing rates up to 3000 ltrs/hr, which can be integrated with any SCADA or equivalent system for easy, quick treatment. And thanks to telemetry integration, it’s now possible to monitor your liquid lime storage and dosage completely remotely.

What We Do

Post digestion lime dosing for biosolids treatment

Fresh water dosing pH correction

Waste water pH correction

Streamlined Support

Based at our state-of-the-art lime quarry and manufacturing facility, our research and development team in our on-site laboratory, we are able to formulate market-leading products for immediate and Just-in-Time distribution across the UK.

Call or message us to start the discussions on how we can improve the effectiveness of your existing or new liquid lime dosing system.

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