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Thursday April 22 2021

Mixer Retrieval and Replacement

Location: Herefordshire | Plant Type: Agri Biogas plant | Scale: 500kWe | Date: Summer 2020

Reason for activity:

Customer experiencing loss of mixing and consequent lack of gas production.

Work Done:

Birch Solutions were able to rapidly respond to the issue to install parts
provided by the customer for their 3,500m digester. Work was coordinated with a neighbouring plant to minimise costs.

Elements of the work included:

  • Development of project plan and associated project and safety documentation
  • Safe de-commissioning for the digester prior to starting work
  • Peel back the roof to expose mixer
  • Contract lift of mixers
  • Installation of new mixers
  • Re-installation of double membrane bio-dome
  • Start up and re-commissioning support
  • Plant optimisation
  • Continued support provided
  • Service and maintenance

“Birch Solutions did an excellent project and we were back generating electricity within 24 hours of starting the job.”