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New AD Plants

Birch Solutions has partnered with HoSt Bio-energy and Bright Biomethane to offer customers a complete biogas plant solution for the anaerobic digestion of any feed stock material or organic waste stream to produce renewable energy and valuable and sustainable end-products.

HoSt’s and Bright Biomethane’s proven, and industry-leading biogas technology guarantees a profitable and highly efficient agricultural, industrial, food waste or 100% manure biogas plant. A biogas plant type for every need.

The collaboration with Birch Solutions will support customers with feasibility, planning and permitting, procurement and contractor integration.

HoSt will be very flexible to meet customers’ needs and provide plants through a range of different contracting and scope options from full EPC to M&E only.

In addition, plants can be delivered with a range of funding options including a fully funded “own to operate” solution.

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Birch Solutions and HoSt, one of the largest Biogas companies in the world, are very well placed to bring to the UK market a combination of proven design and technology with a locally managed delivery to ensure we provide to our customers cost effective and robust AD plants that meet their business needs.

Get in touch to start the discussions on how we can work with you to upgrade you existing or build your new AD plant.

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