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Wednesday November 4 2020

Poskitts maintains an average 98% plant output under our expert management

At a glance…

  • 90% output under our management
  • Long-term CHP support
  • Ongoing ad-hoc maintenance and parts supply
  • Reliable long-term service and operations

We’ve worked with the Poskitts anaerobic digestion plant from its inception, providing maintenance support and biological services from the first day of its commission. 

Over our years working with this client, we’ve built a close working relationship, lending our expertise to ensure that the plant has never dropped below 90% capacity during our time together.

The client’s plant is based in the agricultural sector, digesting maize and grass, along with occasional vegetable product. Thanks to our experience with anaerobic digestion in the agricultural sector, we are able to take a varied role, providing ongoing ad-hoc maintenance along with sourcing and supplying parts to ensure the plant continues to run with minimal downtime.

Along with our ad-hoc maintenance and parts supply, we also continue to provide combined heat and power (CHP) support to the plant as part of our long-term service arrangement. This support, combined with our expert maintenance and servicing advice, has helped ensure that the plant continues with the same strong performance it’s exhibited throughout our service.